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How can we help you?


SwapIt can help you send money from Singapore to most countries in Asia.

To be eligible to use our service, you should have a bank account in Singapore in order to make payment to us.

Do not hesitate to contact support for further enquiries.

Click here to create an account.

For first-time users, you will be required to complete your profile when you login. 

Please prepare the following set of documents to be uploaded in order to complete your profile. 

For Individual accounts:

  1. National ID or Passport.
  2. Utility Bill / Bank Statement (within most recent 3 months). 

For Business accounts:

  1. Business Registration Profile.
  2. Others*
*For business accounts, our team will contact you to collect other additional documents.

As a regulated entity, SwapIt is required by local regulations to verify the identity of our customers. 

Sure, we’ll do the account opening for you!

Drop us a message for ‘account opening and your contact details:


Our team would be happy to guide you. You may contact us via:

Login to your account then follow the steps below: 

  • Step 1: Go to “Add Beneficiary” to add your beneficiary’s bank account details.  
  • Step 2: Then, go to “Transfer Money” to create a transaction. 
  • Step 3: Pay for your transaction.

You can check the status of your transfer by logging into your account.

Funds will be credited into your beneficiary’s bank account depending on the destination country:


1. We must receive your full payment before we can process your transaction. 

2. Occasionally, your beneficiary may have already received the funds, but the transaction status has not yet been updated in your account.

Once the transaction has been ‘processed’, it cannot be cancelled.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

At the moment, you can send money from SINGAPORE to: 

  • Malaysia
  • China
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • UK / Europe (coming soon)
  • North America (coming soon)
  • Australia (coming soon)
  • Vietnam (coming soon)
  • Japan (coming soon)
  • India (coming soon)
  • Bangladesh (coming soon)
  • Nepal (coming soon)
  • Sri Lanka (coming soon)
  • South Korea (coming soon)


1. We ONLY ACCEPT electronic BANK TRANSFERS. 2. Please make payment to:
  • Bank Name: DBS BANK
  • Account Holder: SWAPIT TECH PTE LTD
  • Account Number: 0489073276
3. Please quote your transaction reference number when making the bank transfer. 4. You should make payment immediately to avoid the transaction being cancelled. (We DO NOT ACCEPT cash, ATM deposit or cheque payments.)

No, we cannot accept payment from a third party. 

We can only accept payment from a bank account that is held in your own name.


You may contact us via:

SwapIt is a regulated and licensed as remittance business (License No. RA01543) in Singapore by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. 

We take the safety of our client’s funds very seriously. All customers’ funds are held in a segregated client account at local banks and do not form part of SwapIt’s assets.

For each transaction, we charge a minimum of SGD5.00 or 0.25% of the source currency amount (whichever is higher).