Cross-border Money Transfers with Close to Zero fees at Mid-market FX rates.

SwapIt empowers you to save more on cross-border money transfers.

Save more with transparent and close-to-zero transaction fees

We strive to ensure your money is paid out on the same or by next day.

Get more money transferred with competitive mid-market FX rate.

Convenient and simple money transfer at your finger tips.

How it Works

Its really that simple to transfer money.

  • Top-Up

    Add money your SwapIt account with the currencies you have via bank transfer.

  • Swap

    Swap the currencies you have into a foreign currency you need at mid-market FX rates.

  • Withdraw

    Enter your bank account details to withdraw the foreign currencies.

  • Send

    Alternatively, send the foreign currencies to your friends & family.

SwapIt for Business

Is this for you?

Made for users in Malaysia and Singapore who’re sending money abroad.

Here are several type of our users and you too can benefit from using the platform like them:

  • Expats: Sending money from Singapore or Malaysia back to their home countries.
  • Parents-Student: Parents sending money to their kids abroad for tuition and living expenses.
  • Corporate: Businesses making payments to their vendors overseas.

Our Beta Users

  • "I'm often caught up at work and tired after office hours. This app really saves me the trouble cause I can exchange currencies easily at anytime whether I'm commuting, back home or at work."

    Adam Financial Consultant, Singapore
  • "I live in Johor Bahru and used to exchange currencies frequently at money-changers in Singapore to get better rates. But now, I can use this app to change money, it gives me the same value, plus more convenience!"

    Seng Kiat Marketing Executive, Singapore
  • "I go to Singapore often on weekends, so I find the app useful because I can exchange currencies instantly whenever I run out of singdollars. Then, I'll just have to withdraw it from an ATM over in Singapore."

    Jia Xin Florist, Johor Bahru

SwapIt for Individuals

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